Black Sambo – My Favourite Filipino Dessert

May 13, 2017

Dear Readers,

Growing up in the Philippines, my mother would often bake plenty of desserts for me! (Hence, why I have a sweet tooth) My favourite dessert which she makes ohh sooo well is a Filipino dish called “Black Sambo”. Each time I eat Black Sambo, I am reminded of my mother and how she makes the best Black Sambo ever!!! Since it is Mother’s Day, I recreated this recipe in her honour. This recipe is very, very, very close to my heart as it is something that reminds me of home and of my mom’s kind love.

Although this recipe can never beat my mom’s, it is the closest I can get to hers. 

Lastly, this recipe is one in which I look forward to making for my future kids! This one is for you mom!! Thank you for taking your time in making Black Sambo for me during each holidays, birthdays, special events, and whenever I asked you for it. I love you so much!!! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO YOU!!!



First Layer – Chocolate

-3 tablespoons gelatin (or 3 packs of Knox Gelatin)

-1/2 cup cold water

-1 1/4 cup boiling water

-3 cups chocolate chips


1.) Pour cold water into a bowl, then add gelatin. Stir thoroughly, and allow the gelatin to set for 3-5 minutes. The gelatin will start to turn into a mushy “jello” like substance.

2.) In a large metal bowl, add the chocolate chips and the gelatin together. Then pour in the boiling water.

3.) Whisk everything together, until a creamy and smooth consistency is achieved.

4.) Pour the chocolate layer into a 9×13 inches glass pyrex container

5.) Refrigerate until firm. Waiting time is roughly around 45 minutes to one hour.

NOTE: Start preparing the second layer (cream) after 45 minutes of placing the chocolate layer in the fridge. The first layer must be firm before you can add the second layer on top. This step will ensure that your layers will not blend together.


Second Layer – Cream

– 1 cup boiling water

– 2 tablespoons gelatin (or 2 packs of Knox gelatin)

– 1 300 mL condensed milk (I used President’s Choice)

– 2 170 mL thick cream (Preferably, use the Carnation brand)


1.) Dissolve gelatin completely with boiling water

2.) Add condensed milk and thick cream. Stir until you create a creamy and smooth texture.

3.) Pour the cream layer on top of the chocolate layer.

4.) Refrigerate the Black Sambo until the cream layer is firm. It should take roughly around 2 hours to solidify.

5.) Cut and serve with chocolate syrup or on its own!!!



Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful, strong, and beautiful mothers out there! I hope you give this recipe a try and maybe you can make this for your moms too! Here are a few photos of my beautiful mother and I from way back then:



With love,

Mary Dezleigh Teodosio.