Hello, 24.

Dear Readers,

WOW – it feels amazing to be back here again, writing and just allowing myself to let the words flow out of my mind. Life’s been busy, so finding the time to blog has been rough – but for my birthday, I had to make the time.

Every year, I always write a blog post to celebrate my birthday and to reflect on the past year that I just achieved, surpassed, and lived. So, here we go again…. to 24. 

In April 2017, dezleighh.com was born from the mind and heart of a 21 year old Dezleigh with a broken heart. Throughout the years, I wrote, and I grew. You all witnessed me get more hurt, and eventually finding love through Jason. You all know my story, as I shared as much as I comfortably could without disrespecting my relationship, my friendships, my family, my work, and myself. This is ME. You know Dezleigh through this blog, and now I want to share with you all what I am truly proud to have had accomplished when I was at 23 years old.

At 23, I started my career as Pricing Coordinator for GFS Canada wherein I find myself continuously growing, learning, and developing my curiosity in the food service industry. I made amazing relationships with my co-workers and manager, who I now deeply consider as friends. In fact, I look up to them very much – their knowledge in the business is admirable, but their heart and personality makes them incredible! So for that, I am thankful.

At 23, I traveled quite a bit, but not as much as I wanted, yet enough to keep me inspired and dreaming. Jason and I started my 23rd year of life in Las Vegas, where we ate some amazing burgers at In N Out, ate delicious fried chicken at Jollibee, and gambled a little too aggressively. Then, I discovered Toronto, which is currently my favorite city in terms of food and culture… but I will never consider it as my home due to how expensive the city’s housing market and the distance away from my family here in Calgary. The places I visited at 23 gave me so much inspiration and curiosity to keep on dreaming for the next stop. So for that, I am thankful.

At 23, my friends were all going through different chapters in their own lives. Some were still in university, some graduated with me and started their careers, while some dropped out of school. You see, life takes us all through different paths and not everything will quite line up. But the key to lasting friendships is making time to cross paths, even just for a little bit of time. The ones who I cherish are still here, and I love witnessing them grow and accomplish their own goals. So for that, I am thankful.

At 23, I discovered more about Jason than before. He’s really family oriented, and loves being around kids a little too much than the average 23 year old male. He is very patient especially during all the times we argued and fought. When times were getting rough in October 2019, our relationship almost ended. But, with a little humbling down, communication, patience, understanding and a whole lot of love… we made it through. So for that, I am thankful.

At 23, my family had it the roughest. The current circumstance of my grandma from my stepdad’s side will bring you to tears. I can’t fully share what’s going on just yet, but one day when I do, reflect back on this note. I can only hope for better days to come… and for time to slow down. For now, I’m just glad I have my family in full. So for that, I am thankful.

Dear 24 year old Dezleigh, may you continue to grow, learn, hurt, get back up, heal, and love. I know you’re dreading this year right now, because WTF do you do at 24… right now, at this point and age of your life, just know that you’re doing just fine. As a matter of fact, you’ve come a long way, so keep going. Keep learning. Keep growing. Keep pushing to be a better version of yourself. You only have one life to live, so why not make it great.

HELLO, 24.

With love,

Mary Dezleigh Teodosio




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