5 Ways to Fall in Love in Kelowna

Dear Readers

After many months of patiently waiting, Jason and I finally went on our first vacation as a couple!!!


If you follow my Instagram, you already know that Jason and I spent a week at Kelowna along with my family and Jason’s little brother, Jonas. Kelowna is perhaps my favorite Canadian city during the summer. WHY?


The mountains that surround the massive lakes are a sight to marvel on its own. Add wine to that mix, and you got yourself a romantic place… best part about this year’s Kelowna trip is the fact that the love of my life, mi amor, my langga, my bao bei, was with me the whole time.

You see, falling in love in Kelowna can happen in 5 ways.

1.) Wineries

Did you really go to Kelowna if you didn’t visit at least ONE winery???

If you said NO, then you definitely missed out!!! But if you said YES, then you would know how romantic wineries are. During this trip, Jason and I visited a few wineries, including Mission Hill, Summerhill Pyramid Winery, and Frequency Winery.

I’m not much of a “wine expert”, but I am a TOURIST expert. I didn’t go to these wineries for the wine, to be honest, I was there solely for the view and the ambiance of it all. As Jason and I strolled through each winery, hand in hand, I can feel the pure joy of being in love just swarming my veins and dashing through my soul. Nothing felt better than dragging your partner to corners of the winery just to see a different angle of the marvellous mountains… or perhaps, dragging your partner to the spots wherein the best views can be seen… that on its own is a feeling worth falling in love for. As we soaked up the summer heat, we also soaked up the mesmerizing view of each other being mesmerized of the view in front of us. Jason is quite a view himself, but the view from the wineries I mentioned, are truly one of a kind.


2.) Cherry Picking

Another popular tourist attraction or tourist to-do in Kelowna is to pick cherries or cherry picking!

My little cousin, Aurora, had the best time picking cherries! Look at these photos of her:

But cherry picking is not only fun for kids, it’s also fun for adults! Jason and I truly enjoyed following Aurora around the cherry trees. For each cherry we picked and ate, the sweetness of each cherry can’t compare to the sweetness level of my relationship with Jason. Nothing can compare to the sight of Jason picking up a cherry from the tallest branch, and then giving it to me… the sweetness of each cherry can’t compare to the sweetness of having Jason there to eat and experience these cherries with me. The whole experience wouldn’t had been the same if Jason wasn’t in the picture.

3.) Water Sports 

If you’re a couple who are always looking for some thrill, adventure, and fun, then Kelowna is still a perfect place to fall in love at!

This year’s Kelowna trip, Jason and I did some water sports such as tubing and rode like adrenaline junkies in rented sea doos! The adrenaline rush was so addicting!!! I would definitely come back and do all of it again! You should too!

Kelowna is a great place to make memories at. Not only does the place offer amazing views, it’s also a great place to experience new things for the first time. In our case, Jason’s first time tubing and riding/driving the sea doo happened in Kelowna. Since it was his first time trying these fun activities, the experience became a hundred times more memorable. In terms of falling in love, how can you ever forget your firsts???

The memories of trying something new along with the one you love, is better than your typical Friday night date, because you get to create a memory that will last longer than any regular date ever will. I mean, how can you forget that one time you two fell off a tube while being dragged by a boat that’s going 60 km/h… or that one time you saw your family members fall off a sea doo because they were driving too fast… or that one time you drove a sea doo for the first time… these are the type of stories a couple will share with their family, friends, and even strangers, over and over again.

4.) Date Night at Cactus Club Cafe

Jason and I LOVE food.

Food is an important part of our relationship, because we both love to eat!!! A vacation wouldn’t be complete without a private date night (just us two), and good food. So, on the last night of our trip, we left Jonas with my parents and decided to drive to Downtown Kelowna Boardwalk. Around this area, you will find some great restaurants. Of all the great places to eat near the boardwalk, we decided to hit up Cactus Club Cafe because it is located at waterfront. The ambiance of the place was perfect too!!! And the food, well, you can never go wrong with Cactus Club Cafe!

Alone time as a couple is so important during a big family vacation. Dinner dates such as these, can make any place feel a hundred times more surreal. The conversations seem to last a little longer, the food seem to taste a little better, and the person you’re with seem to be placed perfectly in your life… that dinner wouldn’t be the same if it was with someone else. The moments we had shared while we were on our date night at Cactus Club Cafe, was quite special.

5.) Stroll Around Kasugai Gardens 

While you’re in the Downtown Kelowna Boardwalk area, make sure to take a quick stroll around Kasugai Gardens.

Nature offers beauty beyond words can ever describe. Gardens offer serenity and a sense of wonder at how beautiful flowers blossom and how green the grasses and leaves can get. While strolling around Kasugai Gardens, the serenity of the place will make you feel even more at peace while you hold your special someone’s hand as tightly as you possibly can. As you stroll around, you will realize that the sense of serenity and ease doesn’t just come from the garden alone… it also comes with the fact that you have someone you love to hold beside you. The peacefulness of the garden was amplified because Jason was there with me. During our stroll at Kasugai Garden, I felt at peace and so relaxed. At that moment, I was not alone… I had someone who loved me and whom I loved back… Being able to share moments like this with each other, is worth falling in love for.

As summer 2018 draws near to an end, I look forward to my future Kelowna summer trips. WHY?

because I want to fall in love over, and over again. 

With love,

Mary Dezleigh Teodosio.


Q & A – Top 22 Questions About ME!

August 23, 2017

Dear Readers,

In 7 days, I will be turning 22 years old! To celebrate my past year of highs and lows, I wanted to share some relevant information about myself. This video is full of joy, growth, inspiration, wishful thinking and love. I hope you enjoy each and every second of this video:

With love,

Mary Dezleigh Teodosio.

An Unforgettable 3 Days in Kelowna

July 5, 2017

Dear Readers,

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, my family and I spent the weekend in Kelowna. I’ve been to Kelowna multiple times before, but this time around there was something more magical and captivating about it… this time around, Kelowna took my breath away like it has never done before.

Maybe it’s the gorgeous British Columbia weather, or maybe it’s the amazing Okanagan Lake. Maybe it’s the way my hair flew in the wind as we cruised along the warm lake. Maybe it’s the way my body felt as soon as I entered the water… or the breeze my skin felt as I strolled along the shore. Whatever it is, my trip to Kelowna is truly unforgettable.

To start the trip, upon arrival my family and I checked in at the Delta Hotel by Marriott Grand Okanagan Resort. The hotel is perfectly located directly on the shore of the Okanagan Lake. The view from our hotel room was remarkable. The stunning view of the mountains and lake makes each weary traveller’s trip rewarding. This hotel is ultimately the best option for convenience as it is also located in the heart of Kelowna’s downtown. For dinner, we ate at Oak + Cru, located inside the hotel. The food was delicious and I highly recommend it. In particular, I suggest ordering “From Sea to Fork” (a heavenly cooked glazed salmon) as well as “Black Apron Beef” (delightful 10oz New York Strip).

On our first day, my family and I spent it exploring the Okanagan Lake on a rented boat. Our boat also came along with a tube and we had so much fun tubing for a good chunk of the day. After, an exhausting day of swimming, tubing, and lake exploring, we had dinner at a random Vietnamese restaurant and ate pho. To wrap the day, after dinner we took a nice evening stroll on the Okanagan Lake shore.

On our second day, we spent it doing various activities such as swimming in the pool, and sea-dooing on the lake. My favorite part of the trip was our final group dinner in Kelowna. For dinner, our family made our way to Mission Hill Winery. The view from this place is simply astonishing. We had the perfect sunset setup for our dinner and the food was phenomenal. Mission Hill is such a romantic place that it makes you long to be in the company of the one you love (assuming you travelled without that person like I did). Mission Hill is the kind of place that should be featured in a big Hollywood romance movie, wherein the perfect sunset kiss can be filmed. In the near future or far, I hope to someday come back to Mission Hill in the company of someone I hold dear. Maybe one day, I can revisit Mission Hill as I sip wine under the sunset and kiss my bae with pure happiness.

On our third day, we departed after lunch and took a quick pit-stop in Lake Country. My step-dad’s brother currently resides in this area and we had lunch with him prior to our final departure back to Calgary. During our drive back, my heart started to long for Kelowna again. However, my heart definitely made it clear that the next time I come back, I want to come back accompanied by the person I love. This trip was unforgettable on its own, and I can only imagine what it would be like if I shared this experience with my bae.

With love,

Mary Dezleigh Teodosio.