The Family Approves – Brought My NEW Boyfriend to a Family Event!

August 8, 2017

Dear Readers,

On August 5, 2017, my family hosted a huge birthday party in honour of my grandma, Mom Nora. We celebrated my Mom Nora’s 75th birthday! After going to countless family events as a “single” entity, I finally had an amazing date whom accompanied me for Mom Nora’s birthday.

FUN FACT: I come from a big Filipino family, who also happens to throw thematic parties in extremities! My mom loooooooooves hosting parties as much as she loves going to parties. I’ve been to countless Filipino parties from all sizes and for the past months before I met Jason, I would show up to these parties alone.

The colour theme of the party was “RED”, and ohh my, let me tell you, Jason and I looked ravishing together.


Jason has already met most of my family members and close family friends before Mom Nora’s birthday. However, the ones whom Jason hasn’t met yet were impressed at how tall he is, how much of a gentleman he is, and how polite he is. I can’t even emphasize enough on how many times during the night I heard people say, “ohh my he’s tall” or “he’s pogi (Filipino word for handsome)”…. and those compliments meant so much more to me than it did for him. There’s no better feeling than bringing a charming man home to the family. The fact that my family noticed his patience, good-heartedness, warmth and height made me realize how I found the right one. I truly felt like the luckiest girl with the best partner of the night.

After the party, my family had nothing else to say other than compliments and approval of my new man. I was so happy to have my family’s warm welcome towards Jason. At first, I was concerned that they might be too tough on Jason since we come from different ethnicities (Jason’s Chinese), but no – my family welcomed him like he was family already!

Overall, Mom Nora’s 75th birthday party was one for the books. All of my family was gathered together and even family from out of the province flew in just for the occasion. Looking at the photos now, I reflect on all the memories made from that night… from the long hours of preparation, to all the delicious food I ate, to all the photos we took, to all the dancing, laughter, conversations and to all other memories that were made – my heart is full of joy. I am so happy to be part of a loving, supportive and fun family like the one I have. I am just so overwhelmed with joy knowing that my family actually approves my relationship with Jason, and for that I am happy.

My heart is full of joy and love, and for that I am thankful.

Here are some photos from Mom Nora’s 75th birthday party!


With love,

Mary Dezleigh Teodosio.

A Timeless Piece – Jord Watch Giveaway!!!

July 28, 2017

Dear Readers,

A few months back I was approached by Jord Watches in Instagram with an amazing opportunity to have a collaboration! I had been a fan of their wooden watches since the very beginning, and having their team send me my own piece was a dream come true! Truly, my unique wooden watch is a timeless beauty and it will never go out of style.

I always wear a watch with me!!! My time is my most valuable asset, and I always lean towards my wrist rather than my phone when checking for the time. As a student, watches are an essential accessory!!! You can’t check your phone while writing an exam… therefore, a watch becomes your best friend during the dreaded finals season! What better way to look cute in school than owning one of Jord’s pieces?!?! Not to mention, summer is nearing its end and school will begin sooner than you think. While you still have time, I truly endorse and recommend you snatch a Jord watch of your own!

Jord watches are luxurious items and not all students can afford such a steep price. Since most students like myself struggle financially, let me help through saving you money towards this Jord watch purchase.

I value all my readers including all my fellow fashion forward students, and because of that I teamed up with Jord to present a $100 e-gift code giveaway!!! The winner can use the $100 towards the purchase of any unique watch from Jord. View their products here:

Jord Watches Website

Entering this giveaway is so easy!!! Just follow this link and complete it:


Personally, I have the Dark Sandalwood & Smoke from the Frankie series. This watch is the perfect fit for my on-the-go personality. The colour goes well with any outfit, from casual chic to sporty cute to girly fun, my watch can finish the look! AND, before I forget, let me just emphasize that Jord watches are made out of WOOD!!! HOW UNIQUE IS THAT!?! I mean, metal and leather watches are cool too… but everyone else already has that. Be different and be a trendsetter like me by owning your own Jord wooden watch. View my watch here:

My Jord Watch

To my valuable readers, please take note that this giveaway have an end date. This giveaway will close on August 27, 2017 at 11:59 pm (MT). Before August 27, 2017, please make sure you completed the giveaway link above to have a chance at winning the $100 e-gift code! It would be such a shame for you to miss out on this awesome deal!!!

NOTE: the winner will be chosen randomly.

Check out these beautiful photos captured by my amazing boyfriend Jason:


With love,

Mary Dezleigh Teodosio.