2018 RECAP – My Top 30 Favorite IG OOTDS of 2018

Dear Readers,

You know what’s really interesting about me?

My life’s best memories are often shared in my Instagram account (@dezleighh). Each OOTD of mine tells a story. Each post is a personal story of certain moments in my life. Combined, my Instagram account is truly a memoir of my life.

Tonight, we’re going through a 2018 recap through my favorite Instagram OOTD pictures.




Posted: January 7, 2018

This look is actually completed by two dresses layered together. The bottom dress is a simple black camisole dress, while the top dress is a sheer dress with glitter floral prints!

Both dresses were from Forever21.

Story behind the look:

I wore this look for Jason’s company’s Christmas party which was held at the Westin hotel in downtown Calgary. At the time, Jason had a one year work term for Westin Calgary as their Revenue Manager. Now, Jason is back to being a full time student at the University of Calgary.

Fave memory from this look: Jason and I slipped away early from the party, to have our own private party in our hotel room… the night got even more sexier, I’ll tell you that.



Posted: January 15, 2018

This coat is actually not as thick as it should be for Calgary’s cold winters. But, the coat is so chic and cute!

Coat and hat are from Zara. Bag is by Kate Spade.

Story behind the look:

It was about -30 degrees Celsius that day when my good friend Franco (@francopoon) and I decided to go out for a photoshoot. This shoot is perhaps the beginning of my IG growth. One of Franco’s photos was even featured in Narcity Calgary!!

Check out the article here: NARCITY FEATURE

Regardless of the cold weather his photos turned out fantastic!!


IMG_1849 (1)


Posted: January 22, 2018

Pants were from Aritzia and bell sleeves were from H&M.

Story behind the look:

2018 was a great year for the increasing spread of rape awareness and women empowerment. The rise of the #MeToo movement inspired this photoshoot I had with Jason May (@jmayzle). NOTE: NOT MY JASON.

READ MY BLOG: Let’s Protect the Girls of Tomorrow #MeToo








Posted: February 22, 2018

Full tracksuit is from Adidas.

Story behind the look:

Photo by Hassan (@hzgunner).

Adidas just reached max levels of hip and trendy this year – I hopped on the tracksuit hype too.

My mom was the one who really got me into tracksuits, she has about 6 pairs in her closet. So now, each time I wear my tracksuit, I think of my mom. She even got me this one, and another pair of the exact same tracksuit in black (top and bottom)!!!







Posted: March 14, 2018

Pants are from Dynamite and top is an old one from H&M. Bag is by Gucci.

Story behind the look:

The weather was finally transitioning from winter cold to sunny spring!

Me and Jason were at Prince’s Island Park when this photo was taken. After, we went to Captain Boil’s Grand Opening as guests and I was officially invited as an “influencer”. That was my first blogger invite to a blogger/influencer/social event in Calgary.

It was the beginning of what was more to come…






Posted: April 26, 2018

Top is from Forever 21??? (I think, not sure anymore). Leggings are from Aritzia.

Story behind the look:

This day was super special for me, because this was the day I signed and purchased my first adult car!!!

The car I had prior to this, was very old, sketchy, beaten up and an unreliable piece of crap. My Honda Civic was a major upgrade, and I’m so happy to be the owner of this 2017 Honda Civic Touring Coupe.

Fun fact: This car was a little bit of a spontaneous splurge. This day was our first day car shopping and we only browsed at two car dealerships before making the choice… I didn’t even get to test drive this car… we just rushed ahead and bought it… I guess it was love at first sight! PLUS the deals were perfect for our budget, so it was a WIN/WIN situation!!!



Posted: May 14, 2018

Full outfit is from Forever 21, bag is by Louis Vuitton.

Story behind the look:

This was my Mother’s Day outfit wherein my mom and I celebrated it with brunch at the Calgary Tower’s Sky 360 Restaurant.

It’s always fun to get all dressed up and take photos from the top of the Calgary Tower.

When in Calgary, I definitely recommend checking out this tourist spot!

Fun fact: My mom is totally a fashionista herself. She loves dressing up, loves designer bags, and have a big closet full of shoes from heels to sneakers to boots. I totally got my love for fashion from her!



Posted: June 3, 2018

Top and shorts are from Zara.

Story behind the look:

As most of you already know, I graduated university this year – if you didn’t know, now you know.

After walking the stage, my parents hosted a big graduation party for me. It was a party in celebration of my 4 years of studying, hustling, hard work, dedication, and determination to achieve my degree.

This look was definitely on the preppy side. But, given the occasion, I think it was the perfect look for my grad party!






Posted: June 7, 2018

Top and skirt is from Zara.

Story behind the look:

This day, I attended another influencer event hosted by Q Condos Morrison Multi.

My partner in crime, AKA Jason Yang could not attend the event due to the fact that he was working. But, I was already signed up for an appearance… so in Jason’s absence, his best friend Arshian stepped in!

The funny part about it is that, my plus one in the guest list was under Jason’s name. So, throughout the afternoon and until the event was over, Arshian and I pretended that he was Jason.

Fun fact: For every influencer party or social event, most influencers are encouraged or allowed to have a “plus one” or a “guest”. Normally, big influencers and bloggers would bring their photographer or anyone who will take photos of them while at the event… in these type of scenarios, Jason is normally/always my plus one.



Posted: June 10, 2018

Top was from Forever 21

Story behind the look:

This was another influencer invite from Chamberlain Group. It was quite a lovely summer day to be out and wearing pink.

After this event, Jason and I found ourselves gambling and playing roulette at Deerfoot casino. During the summer of 2018, Jason and I, got a little hooked on playing Blackjack and roulette. We had so much free time, we decided to waste it at casinos.

Eventually, we got more and more into gambling, that it led towards us slowly planning a trip to Vegas by the end of summer 2018. We really wanted to experience gambling in a wider scope. DON’T WORRY – we are casual gamblers, not addicts.




Posted: June 16, 2018

Turtleneck is from Aritzia and overalls are from Forever 21.

Story behind the look:

This look was from the grand opening party of Miniso in Cross Iron Mills.

I really, wanted one of those plushies… but then, I have no more room on my bed to put it on. 

At this event, Jason was my date – and all I remember from this night is how much sushi my man ate. During the party, Miniso prepared food for all the guests, such as sushi, chips, and pop… and man oh man, Jason pretty much ate all the sushi they had.





Posted: June 28, 2018

Dress was from Zara.

Story behind the look:

This was my outfit for Father’s Day.

Most of you don’t know this, but I actually have a step-dad and my real dad is in the Philippines. My parents got divorced when I was younger and my mom re-married about 5 years ago. Ever since then, I was blessed to grow up and live life with two amazing fathers.

Father’s Day is always special for me, because I am blessed to have two men to call my “dad”.







Posted: July 6, 2018

Top was from Zara and the skirt is from Sirens.

Story behind the look:

Each year, Calgary holds Stampede which is a week long festival full of rides, food, parties, and rodeo inspired shows. Calgary is like the Texas of Canada… so think of Stampede in the lines of cowboys and cowgirls, horses, and chuck wagons and amusement rides.

This outfit was my first Stampede look of 2018 (I went 3 times and wore a different look each time). This look was my favorite of all 3.

My favorite memory from Stampede is playing this gambling game called, “over-under” – the game is essentially a betting game, wherein you place your monetary bets on whether the two balls will land and equal over 7 or under 7… there’s also an odd bet of the balls landing and equaling on 7. The minimum bet for this game was $3.00 and maximum was $100 per round.

Anyways, Jason and I played over-under all Stampede long and wasted quite a bit of money too… but on the bright side, we also won a few stuffed toys during Stampede (LOL).



Posted: July 20, 2018

Dress was an old purchase from Aritzia.

Story behind the look:

AND we are back to the Calgary Tower once more.

This time, we celebrated my Mom Nora’s birthday and had dinner at the Calgary Tower’s Sky 360 Restaurant.

I remember Jason and Jonas (Jason’s little brother) being there with my family as we ate dinner… and can you believe the fact that it was both their first time to go up the tower and eat there too???

I was so surprised because Jason has been living in Calgary for over 10 years now, and yet he has not been inside the Calgary Tower until that day.



Posted: July 26, 2018

Dress was from Forever 21.

Story behind the look:

This photo was taken at Mission Hill Winery in Kelowna, when my family, Jason, Jonas and I went to Kelowna for our week’s worth of summer vacation.

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I just loved how this dress made me feel like a princess, with how it draped over my body and the color too!

This family vacation is truly, one of my favorite memories this far.






Posted: July 30, 2018

Full outfit is from Forever 21

Story behind the look:

Still taken at Kelowna, and just wanted to add this on the recap because I loved those overalls way too much. Sadly, I was only able to wear them ONCE during the summer of 2018… (I have too many clothes).

I pretty much had a photoshoot everyday while at this vacation and I think I have about 1000 non-shared photos just from this trip alone.

Did you know: my photos in my Iphone 8+ gallery is currently at 16,567 photos and counting.

This is why I pay for Icloud storage LOL!!!




Posted: August 13, 2018

Outfit is from Forever 21 (I shop at Forever 21 way too much for summer/spring clothing)

Story behind the look:

This photo was taken on my way to dinner at Buffo Calgary, as invited by the Summer Feast Team. Summer Feast is an annual event in Calgary, wherein local restaurants create dishes just for a certain period. This foodie affair have participating restaurants create unique and fantastic dishes for a limited time only, and aims to satisfy all the foodies in YYC. This feast helps promote their business to the locals as well.

My favorite memory from this day, is how my friend and makeup artist Carmella (@bycarmstecson) did my makeup!

I normally do my own makeup, and I barely get my makeup done by a makeup artist, so this was totally a treat for me!



Posted: August 26, 2018

Dress was from Oak and Fort and denim jacket is from Levi’s.

Story behind the look:

Summer 2018, Jason and I really had a thing and a subtle addiction for bubble tea. Our favorite bubble tea places are Chatime, Gongcha and this hidden bubble tea shop inside Dragon City Mall in Chinatown, it’s called Pearl House.

In one of our bubble tea runs to Pearl House, we stopped to take this pic – simply because I was loving my outfit!

Mind you, it was little too hot to be wearing all black that day!






Posted: August 29, 2018

Top is from Sirens, and shorts are from Zara.

Story behind the look:


My birthday is actually on August 30, 1995 and the only reason why my family held my birthday on the 29th, is because we flew to Vegas on my actual birthday, the 30th.

Fun fact: This is the first year in the last 5 years wherein I didn’t throw a massive birthday party with my friends. Usually, in my previous birthdays, I would host a party and invite about 15-20 of my closest friends. But this year, I kept it strictly for family only.

As a matter of fact, I think I may be done with throwing birthday parties – I’m at the point and age in my life, wherein I’d rather travel somewhere for each of my birthdays to come.



Posted: September 4, 2018

Dress was from one of my PR Package, from One Stop Slay. (After conducting a quick Google search, it seems as if though the e-shop is now unavailable – sorry guys).

Story behind the look:

As I had mentioned before, Jason and I really got into casinos and casino games such as Blackjack and roulette. Thus, our little casual entertainment turned a little bigger when we went to Vegas for my birthday.

READ MY BLOG: Vegas with Dez & Jason – Our 3 Day Vacay

This was taken just in front of the Bellagio hotel on the Vegas strip. I wanted to hold that Jamba juice as a prop, since I was inspired by Travis Scott’s song Sicko Mode.

Astroworld is definitely one of my favorite albums from 2018!



Posted: September 18, 2018

Corduroy jacket is from Forever 21 and bag is by Michael Kors.

Story behind the look:

Fall has finally arrived in Calgary!

Fall is my favorite season, especially in terms of fashion and clothing. The best part about fall, would have to be the leaves turning from green to yellow or red or orange!

My favorite color is yellow and it must be why I love fall so much.

On this day, my parents and I decided to go for a walk at Glenmore park. After, we ate at an all you can eat sushi place called Oishi.





Posted: October 3, 2018

Teddy coat is from Zara and the denim joggers are from Aritzia.

Story behind the look:

This fall, my fashion obsession were teddy coats or sherpa coats.

As seen, this is me wearing my favorite teddy coat as Jason and I make our way to another influencer gig.

After the event, Jason and I went to Tokyo Street Market for the first time – which is definitely the trendiest Japanese restaurant in Calgary right now.

2018’s fall only lasted 2 days – I kid you not. I barely have any fall photos, and not as much as I would’ve wanted… hopefully, 2019 will be a different story!




Posted: October 15, 2018

Bomber jacket is from Zara, and the leggings are from Aritzia.

Story behind the look:

This photoshoot was taken to promote Boobyball, which is a fundraiser event organized in order to raise funds to support breast cancer awareness and initiatives.

Without a doubt, Boobyball’s fundraiser was the closest to my heart and I was truly passionate about being a part of it.

As you all may already know, I have two family members who had been impacted by breast cancer.


As an influencer, I would like to be known for the causes I stand and believe in – besides my style and my recipes and my lifestyle, I want my followers to know what causes I care and stand for. Breast cancer awareness is definitely among those causes that I hold dear.



Posted: October 22, 2018

Denim jacket is from Zara.

Story behind the look:

This photo was taken at the day of Boobyball!

That night was so much fun!

I was able to celebrate breast cancer in a different light and I am so proud to be part of an event that led to a greater cause.

I’m truly looking forward to next year’s party!







Posted: November 1, 2018

Tee is from Thread Tank (@threadtank)

Story behind the look:

One thing I never “blogged about”, was the fact that Jason and I had another shitty and depressing Halloween… (our 2017 Halloween was also shitty and we had not have a Halloween that wasn’t shitty yet).

shitty as in: we almost broke up.

I only told 3 of my closest friends what happened that Halloween night, and I will leave it at that.

Some chapters are not always meant to be revisited, just like how some stories doesn’t always need to be shared.

This tee and this photo meant so much to me at the time, because it made me feel empowered, strong, and independent… I was foreshadowing what could had been another relationship’s ending…

BUT – we made it. Jason and I settled our disagreements and decided to strengthen what made our relationship weak. Instead of abandoning ship, we decided to fix the ship and stay on board.

Maybe at some point, I’ll officially talk about this little chapter of our relationship… but for now, let’s continue on with our 2018 recap.



Posted: November 13, 2018

Loose coat is from Zara and the boots are UGGS.

Story behind the look:

After our near break up scare, Jason and I escaped the city and ventured out into Banff and Lake Louise.

In this trip, we spent the night in Banff with Jason’s family and drove to Lake Louise the following day.

My favorite memory from this trip, was how happy I was Jason and I got it together, and managed to stay together despite what had happened.

This photo will always be one of my winter faves too!




Posted: November 18, 2018

Blazer was from Forever 21, and the bag was by Michael Kors.

Story behind the look:

Pandas are my new favorite animals, it used to be elephants but you know…. people change!

The Calgary Zoo currently have baby pandas from China, and I had been begging and hinting and telling Jason just how badly I would love to see these pandas in real life. Finally, the time has come and I had never been so happy in my life!

Seeing the baby pandas was a dream a come true!

I’m so happy to share my first time seeing pandas in real life with the only panda in my life, Jason.




Posted: December 4, 2018

Dress is by Kate Spade.

Story behind the look:

This photo was taken on the night of my company’s Christmas party at the Big Four Building.

Jason, was obviously my date.

Jason and I spent the night at the Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel. Since Jason was still on his work term with Marriott, his manager was able to hook us up with the biggest room in the hotel. We even had free breakfast, free snacks, free drinks and full access to the M Lounge (only Marriott’s platinum members have access to this lounge).

The night, was truly a dream – our hotel room was a fantasy on its own.

AND, we also went to Cowboys Casino, since the event was super close to it. We couldn’t resist playing Blackjack and roulette… and yes, we took a BIG L on that.



Posted: December 12, 2019

Vest is from Forever 21 and blouse is from Aritzia.

Story behind the look:

This photo was taken by one of my best friends, Chelsea.

Just after my photoshoot collaboration with Craves cupcakes (@cravecupcakes), Chelsea and I went for a lovely stroll along Prince Island Park and took some shots. Of all the 500+ photos we took, this is one of my favorites!

OHHH  – this vest is actually my mom’s… just don’t tell her that I took it.






Posted: December 25, 2018

Full outfit is from Zara.

Story behind the look:

This was my Christmas outfit, wherein I was blessed enough to spend it with all my family members, including Jason and Jonas.

This Christmas was perhaps my most blessed one of all.

The fact that I now have a job, I was finally able to afford to buy gifts for all my family members!!! I was fortunate enough to bless my cousins all the toys they wanted, and buy my mom the Hermès bangle of her dreams – back in the day, I was too poor (student life aint easy) to even afford any gifts… now, my job allowed me to live a little more comfortably and I worked hard to be able to share my blessings with my family too.

On top of that, it was Jonas’ first time spending Christmas Eve with my family and boy oh boy, was the kid ever spoiled this year!!!

Dear 2019,

I don’t know what you have in store for me… but I know 3 things for sure:

1.) I will be just fine

2.) I will own this year and make it mine

3.) I will continue growing

Compared to 2017, 2018 was truly a great year for me. All my goals that I had planned and established has been met. As I continue on towards another year, my new year goals are as follows:

  • Eat healthier by meal prepping more and eating less junk food
  • Save money by shopping less and spending money wisely
  • Be more open to growing and living within my OWN TERMS 

2019, I’m so excited to meet you and may your year be even better than 2018 was.

2018 recap 3


Mary Dezleigh Teodosio.

Vegas With Dez & Jason – Our 3 Day Vacay

Dear Readers,

Jason and I spent my 23rd birthday at Vegas. This is Jason’s first U.S.A trip ever and my third time going to Las Vegas. As a couple, this trip is so special because it’s our first “couple trip” and we had such a remarkable time. I wanted to share our experiences with you guys and tell you everything that we did at Las Vegas! Let’s get this started!

August 30, 2018, Thursday – Our direct flight from Calgary to Vegas was scheduled to depart at 7:40 pm. To our dismay, Air Canada’s flight was delayed due to the plane being late on arrival. Our departure time was moved to 9:15 instead, and we arrived at Vegas at 11:15 pm (Vegas time).

Jason and I were super saddened by this, because we were already so excited to get to Vegas and at least explore a little bit after checking in at the hotel.  However, you can’t change the things that are out of your control… so we patiently waited at YYC airport. Here’s us killing time:

When we landed, we checked in at Harrah’s Las Vegas. Our room was great and had a nice view of the pool, and the strip!

VEGAS TRAVEL TIP: Download Lyft for any transportation needs from McCarran International Airport to any parts of Las Vegas! You can also use Lyft to pick you up from any hotel on the strip and go to any points of Vegas you want to go to. In fact, Jason and I ONLY used Lyft to get around the strip, and to get anywhere else we wanted to go.


DAY 1 

August 31, 2018, Friday – After sleeping in, Jason and I started our day walking around The Forum Shops, and made our way to The Cosmopolitan. The first thing on our travel itinerary at Vegas was to eat at a buffet. Thus, on the first day we planned to eat at Wicked Spoon Buffet. Out of all the hundreds of buffets at Vegas, we picked Wicked Spoon because of the buffet’s high reviews and from my own past experience eating there. The food literally filled us up with pure joy because it was so delicious, and we had sooooo much options. Wicked Spoon had various cuisines ranging from Asian, Italian, French, American, and Mediterranean. The best part of the buffet was the dessert area!!! They had desserts from cakes, chocolates, and even gelato!!!

After, we continued into our stroll around the strip and took more photos. Eventually, around 3:00 pm we headed back to Harrah’s to rest and get ready for the night. For dinner, Jason and I walked over to In-N-Out. We quickly fell in love with In-N-Out because their burgers were soooo juicy and the animal fries were just too good to be true. As an extreme onion lover (Jason always orders “extra onions” on all his food, especially his burgers), Jason was impressed by the portions In-N-Out delivered. They were definitely not stingy on the veggies!!!

After dinner, I wanted to take Jason to Downtown Las Vegas at Fremont Street. Since the casinos on the strip are a bit more expensive, if you’re planning on doing some heavy gambling, then Downtown Las Vegas is where you should do it!!!

You’ll surely find $5 black jack tables and $5 roulette tables (minimum bet) anywhere along Fremont Street. On top of the cheap casino tables, there are plenty of live street performances that will surely amuse and entertain you. Remember, all of these street performers share their talents for free – just don’t forget to tip your favorite ones!


DAY 2 

September 1, 2018, Saturday – Jason and I started our day taking a Lyft ride to Jollibee in Seafood City Supermarket. Jollibee is a classic Filipino fast food place and has captured the heart of each Filipino through their delicious menu items such as the Chicken Joy, Yum burger, and the classic Jollibee Spaghetti.

Currently, Calgary doesn’t have Jollibee and I really wanted Jason to try Jollibee so he can understand why I talk highly about this fast food franchise. In the Philippines, Jollibee was a big part of my childhood growing up and I really wanted Jason to take part of this food experience with me. I also wanted him to experience a taste of Jollibee because I knew he would enjoy the famous Jollibee fried chicken known as “Chicken Joy”. After his first time trying Jollibee, Jason can finally agree with me, when I say, “I looooove Jollibee!”

After Jollibee, Jason and I went back to the strip and explored it even more. Around 3:00 pm we decided to go back to the hotel to use the pool and relax. Harrah’s pool is not too tiny, but it’s not the biggest either. If you’re looking for a Vegas hotel with a big pool, then Harrah’s is not the one for you. However, the best part about Harrah’s is definitely their location at the strip. Harrah’s is really close to The Venetian, The Linq, Mirage, The Forum Shops, Caesar’s Palace, and Bellagio.

After spending the afternoon at our hotel, we spent our last night watching Fountains of Bellagio. Then, we sat down for dinner at Jasmine inside Bellagio. At Jasmine, they served delicious traditional Cantonese cuisine. The price range of this restaurant is definitely on the expensive end. However, if you’re a serious peking duck lover like Jason is, then you wouldn’t mind spending money at Jasmine – their peking duck was AMAZING!!! Perhaps, the best I had ever had!!!

I also think that Jasmine’s ambiance is so romantic and sweet. Their restaurant has a great view of the fountains and you get to watch the fountain show while you eat. While we were eating, we even witnessed a proposal inside the restaurant. It was soooo sweet!!! I can feel their love just from watching a few feet away!

TAKE NOTE: Jasmine observes a business casual dress code from their guests. At first, we were worried that they wouldn’t let Jason in, due to the fact that my man was wearing flip-flops and a Nike shirt. However, the sweet and nice hostess welcomed us and in return, we tipped them generously for their great customer service.



September 2, 2018, Sunday – Our last day. Sadly, our trip had to come to an end. Our direct flight back to Calgary was scheduled for 4:40 pm from McCarran International Airport to YYC. Again, Air Canada’s flight from Vegas to Calgary was another big disappointment. We departed Vegas late yet again, due to the aircraft’s air conditioning (A/C) system being down. The crew spent 45 minutes trying to fix the A/C while having their passengers burn inside the airplane as they fix the A/C unit. I mean, couldn’t they let us wait inside the airport instead of trapping us in an airplane under the hot Vegas sun. Some of the passengers were sweating so much, and had to fan themselves just to escape the heat. On top of all that, we landed about a hour and 10 minutes behind schedule and caused some serious issues with our transportation back home. At that point, I finally gave up all hopes with Air Canada… since I had too many unfortunate and unpleasant experiences flying with them, I will now avoid all Air Canada flights at all costs.

Guys, book WestJet or Delta instead!!! Trust me, they’re sooo much better, more reliable, and definitely more customer focused.

But before all that, we still had a few hours after checking out of Harrah’s to explore Vegas for a little bit more. On the last few hours before we left Vegas, we decided to go back to The Venetian to kill some time before our flight. Inside The Venetian, we walked to St. Mark’s Square and ate Cocolini’s. After devouring our gelatos, we went to It’Sugar to buy some candies for us to eat at the airport and to bring back home for our families. Jason bought boxes of candy as “pasalubong” or gifts for his little brother and Aurora.

Just like that, Jason and I just had another bucketlist item CHECKED. Our Vegas trip was so memorable and I know we will treasure those 3 days forever. Now, I sit here daydreaming about our future travels and where we will go to next. But for now, I want to end this blog post with this short “Las Vegas Vacay” video I created.

BLOG cover

To more travels and memories


Mary Dezleigh Teodosio


Dear Readers,


My 22nd year of living literally felt like a storm. It all happened too quick, and so much has happened. From starting my 22nd year with my friends partying, to falling in love with Jason, to completing my final year of university, expanding my blog, discovering my future, and to travelling Kelowna… all of it happened within 365 days.

TODAY, I still stand the same influential, positive, charismatic, sweet and loving Dezleigh. The recent year taught me how to be braver, and matured me in ways I could never imagine. I learned that sometimes life will get so dark that keeping a positive outlook gets a little tough… yet, I learned that if you surround yourself with people who carry stars on their eyes, and the sun in their hearts… I learned that these people’s light and glow, will lead you out of your darkness.

At 22, I learned how to value my friends, family, and Jason even MORE.

To my friends, I owe them so much for being the support system I needed when I was emotionally drowning. They were my life vessel, that carried me through the days wherein I felt like giving up. Graduating university would never be the same if I didn’t have my friends by my side. My success is partially theirs. I am so blessed to have them in my life.

To my family, I’m so thankful to have such a loving and supportive family like the one I have. My aunts are my first best friends, who only want the best for me. My uncles are my first protectors, who are there to watch over my back. My dad is my idol, who showed me how to live life to the fullest no matter what. Steve is my superhero, who raised me into becoming a strong woman full of wisdom, courage, and bravery. My mom, is a goddess with the power to heal my broken wounds and empower my frightened soul to believe that nothing is impossible if I hustle, pray, and dream. My whole life would be meaningless without my family.

To Jason, throughout this whole year, you were by my side through each chapter – may it be good or bad. I am truly in awe and madly in love with you. You calm my storms, and make my sunny days last longer than normal. Through you, I had gained another family outside my family. Another branch in my family tree has been born because of you. Jonas, is like the brother I never had and your mom is like my second mom who graces me with gentleness and calmness. Above all, you had taught me so many things and I am just so thankful to have you around as I continue on with life.


Now that I’m getting older, each birthday feels a little sadder than the year before. Perhaps, it comes with the sad realization that I’m aging and losing my youthful years. But when I remind myself of all the great memories I made, the accomplishments I earned, the people who love me, and the great life I live – all of these combined makes me so happy and makes me feel so blessed.

This year, I will be travelling to Vegas to celebrate my 23rd birthday. Our Vegas trip is only the first of all the great things to come this year!!!

To my Readers, thank you for keeping up with me throughout the years. Without your support in reading, liking my Instagram photos, and supporting all my content, I wouldn’t be the influential Dezleighh that I am today. Thank you for embarking my life’s journey with me.

I pray that all my plans, goals, and dreams will come true in my 23rd year of life.


With love,

Mary Dezleigh Teodosio.