Happiest 22nd Birthday Langga!

February 27, 2018

FACT: Jason (Shang) is a leap year baby. He was born on February 29, 1996.

Dear Shang,

You’re finally 22 years old! WOW! I’m not a cougar anymore!!!

Although, there are only 6 months between our age gap, that to me feels like 6 years. In our world, I often behave like the younger one who always gets into trouble and throws little sissy fits here and there – while you continue to carry yourself with so much intelligence, patience, and maturity. You’re truly amazing for your age.

At 22 years old, you had already accomplished so much. You’re already working as a revenue manager for a big company, while still in your 3rd year of university. You’re such a diligent and hard-worker, which is why you deserve every success that comes your way.  You’re the backbone of your family, a great leader to your basketball teammates, a smart person whose GPA may be slightly better than mine, and your sarcasm makes you a great and fun friend. You have plenty of great attributes, but above all, you’re the most loving and caring boyfriend a girl can ever have.

At this point, I’ve been lucky enough to get to know you. I learn so much from you, yet you’re younger than me… It’s true what they say, maturity doesn’t come from age, it comes from the core of one’s being.

Jason, thank you for being the best boyfriend. For being so patient, so understanding and so mature. Thank you, for loving me even though I’m drunk at 3:00 AM or when I’m stressed over midterms. Thank you, for editing my papers, reading my assignments, and even doing some of my homework for me. Thank you, for making my life a little easier. Thank you, for being so kind to my family and treating my family like yours. Thank you, for trying to influence me to be a better person. Thank you, for being born.

I may be a little dramatic at times, and my “extraness” may get in the way sometimes… but one thing is for sure, the Dezleigh today wouldn’t be as special if there wasn’t a Jason supporting her. For that, all I can say is, thank you!

You’re probably in tears by now…. which is totally fine, because if this didn’t make you feel teary-eyed then these photos will:


Happy, happy, happy 22nd birthday Langga!!!! I love you so much and I can’t wait to make more memories with you! 

With love,

BBG W PHAT **$ 🙂

The Family Approves – Brought My NEW Boyfriend to a Family Event!

August 8, 2017

Dear Readers,

On August 5, 2017, my family hosted a huge birthday party in honour of my grandma, Mom Nora. We celebrated my Mom Nora’s 75th birthday! After going to countless family events as a “single” entity, I finally had an amazing date whom accompanied me for Mom Nora’s birthday.

FUN FACT: I come from a big Filipino family, who also happens to throw thematic parties in extremities! My mom loooooooooves hosting parties as much as she loves going to parties. I’ve been to countless Filipino parties from all sizes and for the past months before I met Jason, I would show up to these parties alone.

The colour theme of the party was “RED”, and ohh my, let me tell you, Jason and I looked ravishing together.


Jason has already met most of my family members and close family friends before Mom Nora’s birthday. However, the ones whom Jason hasn’t met yet were impressed at how tall he is, how much of a gentleman he is, and how polite he is. I can’t even emphasize enough on how many times during the night I heard people say, “ohh my he’s tall” or “he’s pogi (Filipino word for handsome)”…. and those compliments meant so much more to me than it did for him. There’s no better feeling than bringing a charming man home to the family. The fact that my family noticed his patience, good-heartedness, warmth and height made me realize how I found the right one. I truly felt like the luckiest girl with the best partner of the night.

After the party, my family had nothing else to say other than compliments and approval of my new man. I was so happy to have my family’s warm welcome towards Jason. At first, I was concerned that they might be too tough on Jason since we come from different ethnicities (Jason’s Chinese), but no – my family welcomed him like he was family already!

Overall, Mom Nora’s 75th birthday party was one for the books. All of my family was gathered together and even family from out of the province flew in just for the occasion. Looking at the photos now, I reflect on all the memories made from that night… from the long hours of preparation, to all the delicious food I ate, to all the photos we took, to all the dancing, laughter, conversations and to all other memories that were made – my heart is full of joy. I am so happy to be part of a loving, supportive and fun family like the one I have. I am just so overwhelmed with joy knowing that my family actually approves my relationship with Jason, and for that I am happy.

My heart is full of joy and love, and for that I am thankful.

Here are some photos from Mom Nora’s 75th birthday party!


With love,

Mary Dezleigh Teodosio.