My Skincare Routine

Dear Readers,

Before anything else, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! This is officially my first post of 2019!!!


Among my new year’s resolution is to take better care of my skin. I wear makeup almost every single day of my life, and the best way to achieve beautiful makeup looks truly starts with fresh and beautiful skin. My skincare routine is super super suppppperrrr basic and easy to follow. I ONLY spend about 3 minutes every morning and every night taking care of my face. My “face masking time” only happens once a week, for about 30 minutes!!! I mean, how convenient and easy is this routine… right?!?!

I don’t spend a lot of money on skincare products either. To begin with, here’s a picture of ALL the products I use:


As you can see, my facial skincare products can be easily found at your local drugstore/Sephora/online.

Here’s a quick break down of my facial products with their rough price estimates. All pricing estimates are in Canadian dollars. Prices may vary due to province, promotions and place of purchase. 

  • Clean & Clear Daily Pore Cleanser 148 ml – $7.00
  • Total Solution Gold Snail Cleansing Foam (Price unknown – this was gifted to me and bought from Korea)
  • Nivea Soft 200 ml – $12.00
  • The Body Shop VITAMIN E Refreshing Eyes Cube 4 g – $15.00
  • Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser 177 ml – $20.00
  • Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater 236 ml – $20.00
  • Sephora Green Tea Face Mask – $8.00
  • Burt’s Bees Rejuvenating Eye Masks – $4.00

I use about 4 face and eye masks a month. On a monthly basis I spend about (8×4) + (4×4) = $48.00/month just on face and eye masks. However, most of the products noted above, lasts me more than a month’s use… so it’s really hard to estimate how much I spend a month on facial products.

This is what my weekly skincare routine looks like:



I start my day by washing my face with COLD WATER, using the Clean & Clear Daily Pore Cleanser. After, I moisturize my face with Nivea Soft and spray my face with Mario Badescu’s Rosewater.

I use cold water every time I cleanse or wash my face because I had been told in the past that cold water helps tighten your pores and minimizes wrinkles!!! I feel like washing my face with cold water really works, not to mention, it’s a great way to wake up your skin in the morning!


Before Bed


I end my day by removing my makeup with makeup wipes. After the makeup is off, I continue to wash all the dirt off my face with Total Solution Gold Snail Cleansing Foam. (USE COLD WATER!!) Then, I moisturize with Nivea soft. On top of that, I massage The Body Shop’s VITAMIN E Refreshing Eyes Cube on my eye bags. To top all of that, I spray more Rosewater!



Twice a week, normally on Sunday and Thursday nights I give my face an extra wash. After washing my face with the Total Solution Gold Snail Cleansing Foam, I then wash my face with Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser. Then, I moisturize with Nivea soft and I put The Body Shop’s VITAMIN E Refreshing Eyes Cube on my eye bags. I finish it all up by spraying my face with Mario Badescu’s Rosewater.



I mask after cleansing my face – follow my nightly routine if you want. Or sometimes, I even do my face masks after showering, knowing my skin is clean!

Once a week, normally on Monday or Wednesday nights I mask my face with Sephora’s Green Tea Face Mask for about 15 to 20 minutes. NOTE: I DO NOT RINSE AFTER USING THIS MASK. 

Then, I mask my eye bags with Burt’s Bees Rejuvenating Eye Masks for about 5 to 10 minutes. Again, I DO NOT RINSE AFTER USING THIS MASK!!!

I let all the juices of the masks set in my skin and naturally dry. 

And just like that, my natural face somehow turns out to look like this:


Hope all of this helps!!! May we all have beautiful, glowing, and flawless facial skin all year round!

skin care routine

With LOVE,

Mary Dezleigh Teodosio

How to be Single on Valentine’s Day

February 8, 2018

Dear Readers,

It’s that time of the year again!!! Ohhhh Valentine’s Day, it’s every cuffed up person’s favorite day, and also the WORST day for those who are forever alone.

Anyone who is currently in a relationship or who is dating, most likely have their own plans made for February 14th. Some may had booked an exciting night conquering escape rooms, or relaxing over paint night. Some may had already planned a romantic dinner date at a fancy restaurant, or through a lazy home cooked dinner. Some may had booked a getaway in Banff, or perhaps plan on skating around Bowness Park. It doesn’t matter how you choose to spend it, Valentine’s Day is best spent with the person who makes you feel like everyday is Valentine’s Day!

For Valentine’s Day this year, I probably will be somewhere in Calgary eating steak with Jason and perhaps, ending the night in a sexy lingerie somewhere… Jason and I will be celebrating our FIRST Valentine’s Day together… and trust me, we had planned something quite amazing to make February 14, 2018 a memorable day.


Last year, I had a pretty lonely Valentine’s Day too. In fact, I spent last year’s Valentine’s Day studying for my tax midterm. Having gone through Valentine’s Day alone made me understand why single people hate this day. It’s really annoying to be single on Valentine’s. As soon as February rolls around, you get bombarded by red hearts all over the malls, chocolates packaged in hearts, bears holding hearts, heart shaped stickers, heart themed decorations, roses, red ribbons, and more HEARTS all over the place!

As a single person, it can get really annoying… it’s like the world telling you that no one is ever going to be your Valentine… that you’re most likely going to spend another lonely Valentine’s Day… that no one is ever going to love you… that you will be, forever alone… single as fuck…

Well, you poor, unfortunate soul, I have a few tips to get you through February 14, 2018!

1.) Buy your own chocolates or ice cream or BOTH

Independence is a sexy thing. So enjoy in these overpriced chocolates or ice cream, and treat yourself! After all, you have no one to look sexy for anyways… and the chocolates/ice cream will truly help you feel better in your misery… so you might as well indulge!

2.) Write yourself a letter

Self-love is the best love! Since you won’t be getting any Valentine’s Day card from a special someone, then you might as well write a letter for yourself. In the letter, you should write about what you love about yourself and what makes you unique. The letter will remind you of how amazing you are, and how you don’t need another person to remind you of your greatness. AND… while you’re writing, go eat your pre-bought chocolates too!

3.) Find a single friend and make dinner plans

In the billions of people in this planet, I’m sure you’re not the only one who’s single. There are actually quite plenty of you guys! Find that one friend or acquaintance or cousin or sister or brother or neighbour and make dinner plans with them!!! I think this tip is best for those dreading the idea of being alone on VDAY. So, you might as well ask around and make dinner plans! This is a great chance for you to socialize and create memories with the people who cares about you! So what if you’re single, you have friends and family that loves you too!!!

4.) Go watch a movie

This Valentine’s Day there are actually a few movies that comes out on the 14th, or movies that are already in theatres. Hello, “50 Shades Freed” !!!! There’s nothing wrong with going to the movies on your own… I mean, yeah, people might judge you and think you’re weird… or a loner… but hey, YOU’RE A BOSS ASS B* and you don’t need to listen to anyone’s opinion of you. The best part of going to the movies, is the delicious fatty bag of popcorn you can shove your face in!!! And since it’s Valentine’s Day, you can buy 2 bags of popcorn all for yourself… and you don’t have to worry about sharing!

Side note: you can find a single friend to go to the movies with you too, you don’t have to go alone.

5.) DO YOU. 

If I was single on Valentine’s Day this year, I’d most likely be doing this. You can “DO YOU” in many ways! Here are some tips:

-take a long warm bath or get a massage

-treat yourself for a pedicure or manicure

-do a facial mask and light a candle in your room

-read a book and drink your favorite wine

-bake something… some people think baking is relaxing… and you get to eat it after too! It’s a win-win situation!

-workout!!! If you’re like me, you’ll find that working out is the best way to unwind and calm your mind… I feel so much better after a good sweat!!! Working out uplifts your mood and that’s what you really need as a single person on VDAY.

I don’t know how you best unwind and relax, but on February 14th, if you have nothing else better planned, then just relax…. DO YOU!!!

You’re an independent, strong, smart, beautiful, and amazing human being. Valentine’s Day is just one day in the year, wherein people get to do extra and special things for their partners. In my opinion, Valentine’s Day should be an everyday thing… but it exists to give couples an excuse to be “extra” for a day.  It’s not overrated (I know you’re thinking this right now), it’s just a day to treat your loved one even more special!

Well for you, since you’re out here reading my post… I want you to know that someday you’ll have a Valentine too. Love comes unexpectedly and it comes when the timing is right. So be patient, and for the meantime… focus on YOU! DO YOU!

Now, don’t be too salty over the couples flaunting and flexin’ on the gram… Just keep on scrolling!! Who knows, maybe next year you’ll find yourself being extra as hell on February 14th too! Maybe next year, you’ll finally have a Valentine… and that’s something to look forward to!

With love,

Mary Dezleigh Teodosio.