An Unforgettable 3 Days in Kelowna

July 5, 2017

Dear Readers,

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, my family and I spent the weekend in Kelowna. I’ve been to Kelowna multiple times before, but this time around there was something more magical and captivating about it… this time around, Kelowna took my breath away like it has never done before.

Maybe it’s the gorgeous British Columbia weather, or maybe it’s the amazing Okanagan Lake. Maybe it’s the way my hair flew in the wind as we cruised along the warm lake. Maybe it’s the way my body felt as soon as I entered the water… or the breeze my skin felt as I strolled along the shore. Whatever it is, my trip to Kelowna is truly unforgettable.

To start the trip, upon arrival my family and I checked in at the Delta Hotel by Marriott Grand Okanagan Resort. The hotel is perfectly located directly on the shore of the Okanagan Lake. The view from our hotel room was remarkable. The stunning view of the mountains and lake makes each weary traveller’s trip rewarding. This hotel is ultimately the best option for convenience as it is also located in the heart of Kelowna’s downtown. For dinner, we ate at Oak + Cru, located inside the hotel. The food was delicious and I highly recommend it. In particular, I suggest ordering “From Sea to Fork” (a heavenly cooked glazed salmon) as well as “Black Apron Beef” (delightful 10oz New York Strip).

On our first day, my family and I spent it exploring the Okanagan Lake on a rented boat. Our boat also came along with a tube and we had so much fun tubing for a good chunk of the day. After, an exhausting day of swimming, tubing, and lake exploring, we had dinner at a random Vietnamese restaurant and ate pho. To wrap the day, after dinner we took a nice evening stroll on the Okanagan Lake shore.

On our second day, we spent it doing various activities such as swimming in the pool, and sea-dooing on the lake. My favorite part of the trip was our final group dinner in Kelowna. For dinner, our family made our way to Mission Hill Winery. The view from this place is simply astonishing. We had the perfect sunset setup for our dinner and the food was phenomenal. Mission Hill is such a romantic place that it makes you long to be in the company of the one you love (assuming you travelled without that person like I did). Mission Hill is the kind of place that should be featured in a big Hollywood romance movie, wherein the perfect sunset kiss can be filmed. In the near future or far, I hope to someday come back to Mission Hill in the company of someone I hold dear. Maybe one day, I can revisit Mission Hill as I sip wine under the sunset and kiss my bae with pure happiness.

On our third day, we departed after lunch and took a quick pit-stop in Lake Country. My step-dad’s brother currently resides in this area and we had lunch with him prior to our final departure back to Calgary. During our drive back, my heart started to long for Kelowna again. However, my heart definitely made it clear that the next time I come back, I want to come back accompanied by the person I love. This trip was unforgettable on its own, and I can only imagine what it would be like if I shared this experience with my bae.

With love,

Mary Dezleigh Teodosio.